Urgent Care House Calls in Scottsdale


“Dr. Boothe is excellent, she got to my wife (who was suffering from a migraine) in less than an hour, helped her fast. So much better than the ER, and so much less!
Jim H., Scottsdale

“Thank goodness for Private Client Physician Services! After staying home with my daughter who had been sick, I also became ill. I could not get an appointment with my primary doctor for 3 days, and I didn’t want to drag my 2 year old into the doctor’s office with me since my husband had to work. Dr. Boothe responded within an hour of my call and was able to provide a prescription on the spot. Thanks to her I was able to go back to work within days. The best part was that I did not have to figure out how to get 2 sick people out of the house. This service is so convenient for families with children!”
Meleika W., Phoenix

“Convenient & so much quicker. This service is needed.”
Dora Jean L., Fountain Hills